Days For Girls

Days For Girls

I haven’t really told you how much I LOVE talking to women and girls!  When I go to schools, churches, womans’ Quranic schools I am so excited and energized!  Of course it is much easier when there is not a language barrier as I can speak so much more freely with women and girls one on one.  But, this is an awesome way to affect the most marginalized populations in our area.  Because we are all women, we have so many things in common!

Here in our part of Nigeria most people can speak a little English, even if they do not really understand when someone is speaking English to them.  Well, this picture is from one of the last churches I visited.  I needed to bring someone to translate for me that spoke Fulfolde. I always make sure everyone can understand and comprehend what we are talking about.  Magdaline, our Pharmacy Lead came to help me and she did an awesome job!

We talked about how our womanly bodies work, we talked about menopause, puberty, menstration and much more.  We talked about mothering, hygiene, germs, so much!  You see, through Days for Girls I have a wonderful flip chart as well as the format and education to assist me in helping them visualize what is going on inside their bodies.  This opens up wonderful discussions on being a woman of any age!  All of the women thanked me heartily after we were done with all of the questions, and asked if I would come back to talk to them again about other things pertaining to women that they could learn.

Women of my age (50’s and older) I have a challenge for you!  You have a gift of years and hopefully wisdom learned through those years.  As women living in developed countries, also education.  So many times young women experience judgement, or “my children never did that” from women they may look up to and try to emulate.  I have been guilty of this sooo many times and I regret those actions and words as well as the discouragement I may have caused those searching for some understanding and comfort that they too can survive this stage of life and even thrive in it.

Are you the type of woman who encourages other women?  Have you made it a lifestyle to constantly look for something positive to say to people you don’t even know or barely know?  If you aren’t, I would like you to remember this.  YOU can be a voice of hope, of life, of living water to a younger persons’ life.  You can make a difference, perhaps an eternal difference in someone’s life.

Now I am not talking about giving unsolicited advice.  I am talking about encouraging, and when you are asked for advice, give it honestly, tactfully, and lovingly with prayer.  Think of what a growing place our churches would be and the confidence our young mothers would gain through mentoring.

My point for this week is this:  Are you a life-giver or a joy-stealer?  In my opinion, if you aren’t the first then you are the latter.

This World is Not my Home

This World is Not my Home

This past month has been a weird one in my little world.  Friends and loved ones dealing with biopsies, cancer, death, family dealing with mental health issues,  divorce, grief.  Financial issues all over this world.  Death and sickness here in Nigeria as well as the enormity of the task before us. After 27 years of searching and advocating for missing and exploited children the Wetterling family and the rest of Minnesota knows what happened to Jacob Wetterling.  This lively, lovely 11 year old was kidnapped at gunpoint by a masked man, handcuffed,  molested, shot and buried. This lovely family finally knows where Jacob is, their hope for a live son is gone.  Then I didn’t even mention our choices for President in the United States.  Really?

I was thinking last week, what is this world coming to?  Why the pain, the hurt, the ick!  My little world has always felt very cheery, the good will win, bad guys lose, people truly have goodness deep down inside.  After all, I have worked with pre-schoolers for over 30 years.  My world has crashed, reality has hit, and at 52 years of age I now know that this is not REAL.  My world has not been real.  God reminded me with this song this week why I am having these growing pains.

This world is not my home
I’m just a-passing through
My treasures are laid up
Somewhere beyond the blue.

Oh Lord, you know
I have no friend like you
If heaven’s not my home
Then Lord what will I do.
The angels beckon me
From heaven’s open door
And I can’t feel at home
In this world anymore.
Friends, this is why we are here in Nigeria.  Satan is real and alive and the longer I live, the more I feel like I am living in the wrong world.  The Bible reminds me why this is true. Hebrews 13:14 For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come. That is why we are here on Earth, all of us!  To glorify God and bring the hope and life that only Jesus can give until we land in our permanent home.  HEAVEN!
My point for today is this:  If you are with me and feeling like how can life go on in this World like this, there is Hope and we need to spread that hope like never before.  There is Hope and Life in Jesus – Only Jesus!