A New Life

A New Life

Well, It is October!  I have been done working at Edinbrook Church for 6 weeks now.  In those 6 weeks we have;

sold the house,

found a new home for our furry family member, Lola,  (pictured)

  moved into a friends basement room,

visited some wonderful churches in Connecticut,

Visited with churches in northern MN and re-connected with friends in many parts of the northern as well as metro MN area.

We have now raised over 50% of our needed support to get to Nigeria!  We are very excited about that!  God has been very good there!

All of this to say that things are moving forward.  Quickly.  Our lives will never be the same again.  When you give yourself to God and say to Him, “Whatever you want, God, wherever you want.”  He takes you up on that!  This is both an overwhelming thought and a humbling thought.

My point for today is this:  Have you given God all of you?  Have you said, “God, here I am, use me”?  When you do, life will never be boring again!