Written by Tina

August 16, 2016

Friends, this is a picture Dan took for me this week with a young lady that works with an NGO here in Nigeria providing free family planning services and training.  In an area where mother and infant mortality are so high and knowledge is so limited on these subjects I thought it was awesome that they were offering this service of IUD’s and Implants as well as education all at no cost to the client.

Well, I guess that some people in power in our local health care facilities saw this as a means to financial gain for themselves.  There were a few facilities that said, “pay us money and we will let you use our facility to treat clients”.  There were some that said, pay us or we will call the police and have you removed.

This young woman and the other 3 members of her team went back 4 days early because no facilities would allow them to distribute free education and resources for family planning as well as the Birth Control needed.

Friends, corruption is everywhere, I am not  that naïve!  Unfortunately it is very alive and well here in Nigeria and permeates all aspects of life here.  Corruption is hurting the average Nigerian trying to support their family and live.  The programs meant to help those most needy frequently end up with the biggest bulk of finances being pilfered by those that are not needy.

Please pray for Dan and I as we daily move forward here in Gembu.  Pray that God will works in hearts and lives of people here in Nigeria and that Dan and I do exactly what God wants us to be doing.

My Point for today is this:  We need prayer and so do our staff and the people we serve.  Please pray.


  1. Kimberley Raycraft

    I have personal experience with this corruption as an advocate for your organization there and with the small Mission to Gembu I run here in Canada. i pray daily for my wonderful true friend Tina and her staff and her family here in North America. it is easy to fall into traps set by Satan’s followers. i am so sorry for this turn of events. Be still all at Gechaan and wait and his wishes. God be with you there as you face each challenge with stoic hearts knowing Jesus will not be fooled.

  2. Tina

    Thank you, Kim, prayers and wisdom – that is what we need! God knows, He has a plan!

  3. Vicki Olson

    Corruption and darkness are in the USA and in Nigeria and everywhere in this fallen world, but the Light of the World is Jesus. Lifting you in prayer. Praying that Jesus will penetrate the darkness as only He can! God bless and favor you in your work in Nigeria.

    Love to you…

    • Tina

      So true, Vicki! Only Jesus can! Love back! Tina


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