Home Assignment 2016

Written by Tina

August 31, 2016

Well it is past time to let you know what happened over our home assignment this year.

We arrived in the States May 1 and left on July 27.  Here is what we did while in the United States this year.

We met with the Bethel staff and volunteers that are working on computerizing the Hospital.

We visited all of our Minnesota and our Galesburg, IL partnering churches as well as many, many small groups, businesses, and individuals updating them on the past years progress and what this upcoming year is anticipated to bring with our new buildings and the container status.

We went to Chicago, IL to meet Jon and Melissa Camiola and a group of volunteers and de-palletized all of our container items and hand-stacked our 40 foot Railroad Container.  It was taken to the port in Chicago.  It is now safely here in Gembu!

We attended a 3 day mission conference at Riverview Church and enjoyed getting to know some more of our Pine River prayer warriors and meet a young couple and their two children that are working on their partnership development to get to the field.

I attended a wonderful baby shower given by the United Methodist Missions Group in Emily, MN (See picture above) and got to talk to about 50 women about what God is doing in Nigeria and brought home wonderful baby items for our Gembu babies.  We also received many wonderful donations from so many caring women in the Pine River area as well as Canada!

My friend, Kim and her husband visited from Canada and brought some items to put on the container for our ministry and for one of the schools in Gembu.  We had a wonderful visit and shared our visions for future projects.

We moved Dan’s mother from the large hobby farm house into a wonderful apartment right on Norway Brook in Pine River.  We sorted through the house, garages, barn, and chicken coop and boxed up items to auction next year as we were too late to get a good company this year. We fixed, painted, carpeted, tiled, and cleaned the house and property and put it on the market on July 26.

Dan also continued communicating with Nigeria and doing financials and questions on building projects that were being worked on in Nigeria and other items needing his attention.

We got to visit briefly with friends and family and enjoy some reminiscing and catching up.

We took Dan’s mom to appointments and took care of taxes and other paperwork and items getting her caught up –to- date and settled.

We had a wonderful new set of family pictures and missionary pictures done!

We actually hung up pictures (after 2 years) in our Pine River house.  Our friend, Jane, came and helped us do a family word wall that turned out beautifully!

It was wonderful to be in the States and see loved ones, but we were excited to get back to Gembu and move forward!

My point for today is this:  God is Good!


  1. Tina

    So true, Arlene, without good friends in this World we wouldn’t have gotten everything accomplished! We are so thankful for you and the mower of yards that leaves me living artistic art after he mows. We are blessed!

  2. Kimberley Raycraft

    Always wonderful to talk with Tina as we pursue joint projects in Gembu and daily chat or pray together as we continue an 8 year friendship. Her support is integral part of my everyday life. We were honored to be with them for a week in Minnesota. A busy summer for them indeed as they are so valued in their community. The Container that was 18 mos reaching them arrived to a huge welcome in Gembu. My e-mail filled as soon as it arrived. How wonderful to have been there. My Partner Nigerian Teacher Josephine in Gembu Public School Sponsorship was so surprised by the amount of goods she received just in time for school Thursday. i love being an active partcipant in Gechaan as they seek to educate children and adults there. Godspeed Dan and Tina and staff.

    • Tina

      Thank you, Kim, we did enjoy our visit and being able to meet finally after 8 years of friendship and love!

  3. Mona Bean

    Surely didn’t know all that you accomplished while here, just knew you were extremely busy. Enjoyed our Coffee and Pie day visits as well the church visit. Daily remember your physical, spirital and emotional well being and all those who are in partnership there with you.
    I am in SC with Terri, as she had some extensive surgery on her shoulder. Bone spur, torn rotary cuff(?) and scraping of the collar bone..Will be here until the 16th. Blessings on you for all you do. Love Ya!!

  4. Tina

    Thanks Mona, it was a wonderful time having coffee and pie day visits, thank you so much for your daily prayer and Terri will be in our prayers. Love ya too!


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