The Land In Between

The Land In Between

I am at my favorite Caribou here in Brooklyn Park, MN.  This, as well as the Hedberg’s table and couch have been my “office” since we sold our house in September.

I feel that Dan and I have been living in the  “land in between” for so long now, that I’m not sure what a “normal” life looks like anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing, just an observation!

Last week we were at 92% of our monthly partners.  I thought, this is so weird, I keep calling and leaving messages and e-mailing and nothing is happening.  I can say it, I was weensily discouraged.  Then I thought, “This is how God has worked all along this journey so far, about once a month we have a big jump in support from all the work during the past month-Keep calling, keep contacting, just because we’re so close doesn’t mean it’s going to go faster!”

Straight ahead!  A dear Pastor friend, Pastor Joel, reminds people frequently, that is our job, keep on, straight ahead toward the prize!  Well, this was the week that God brought the last 4 weeks worth of work for us into our view and we are over 97% of our needed monthly support.  Mind you, this all changed in 2 days!  So friends, I say to you, “Straight Ahead”!  We don’t know how God is working behind the scenes, BUT we DO know that HE has it all under control.  I need to trust, and to tell you the truth, for the past 2 years, one day at a time, one step at a time, with an eye on the future and getting to Nigeria has been our long-term goal.  The very cool thing is it’s getting closer, and then do you think we’re going to live a “normal” life?  I don’t think so!

My Point (albeit fairly rambly) for today is this:  Do you want to settle for “normal”, when God has a better plan for your life? HHHMMMMM………