We are in Abuja and heading to the Airport. Everything is on track.

Long Day

Today we traveled from GECHAAN in Gembu to Makurdi for the first leg of the trip back home. We left GECHAAN at 7:00am expecting to arrive in Makurdi mid-afternoon. We had some trouble on the road and did not make it to Makurdi until almost midnight. We are all here now and expecting to leave tomarrow for Abuja. We need to be at the airport by 7:00pm for a 10:30pm flight.  Please pray that everyting goes smooth tomarrow.  It is late so we will fill you all in on the details when we arrive back home an have a little more time.


Time to pack

This morning Dorothy and I packed up the items we will need for our trip back to Abuja and to the airport.  We need to pack “bush supplies”, food for a few meals, water, etc., as nothing is available along the way.

It was a busy day here, we had lunch with all the staff and Christopher made a great lunch of rice, beans and a tomatoe and beef sauce.  Jim finished with John on the roof and sophets of the new storage building, and Dan and Pete mounted the solar panels on the roof, secured them, and moved the solar fridge to the restaurant storage room and Dan and Pete and Jim made a battery rack to hold the batteries for the solar fridge.

Dorothy showed me the place where she thinks would make a great pre-school, after school program on Fridays after well-baby checks perhaps.  We finish packing our things tonight, and tomorrow will drive for 10 hours, stop, sleep, go on to Abuja, shop at the craft market, take a shower, and go to the airport for our trip home.

Thank you for your prayers, please pray we get through the Abuja airport safely and without any hassles or danger.

I am not looking forward to leaving, as it is a long trip.  But I know that with leaving, we will be when God wants us back here to do more than visit.  For some real work!!


Goodbye Gembu

As we sat around the dinner table tonight we all commented on how much was accomplished today, our last day on this visit. The conversation at lunch could have been just the opposite. The morning was full of distractions, interruptions and progress seemed to be plodding along. But God is good and what looked like a day where nothing would get done, ended well.
As we leave GECHAAN tomorrow morning, we have been so blessed. It isn’t that anything spectacular happened but every little thing, every day, adds up. I feel so humbled and honored to have given some time and sweat to a  place that has done such great work but still has such great need. Thank you all for your prayers, we felt them, and your support and encouragement.
— Pete

Monday, March 19

Today Dan, Pete, and Jim worked on outside projects. Dan taught John, the carpenter here how to wire feed weld. They are working on some solar panel things for the solar fridge. Jim and Pete worked with that and with putting zinc on the storage shed as the Generator had to be fixed because it ran out of diesel while someone was running it and needed a guy to come fix it. Dorothy and I ran to the cloth store and talked with the tailor on some things Dorothy wants made before she leaves in May to go back to the states for a couple of months.
Dan and I walked around the whole compound and took pictures and investigated everything. Dan stepped out the land and we had a nice long discussion on the future plans and dreams here at GECHAAN and the future of each of the minstry areas with or without grants, etc. Everyone was tired and supper was very quiet as we enjoyed fresh, homemade buns right from the oven and home made white carrot soup. for Dessert we had chocolate chip pie. So good!!
Today Dan and I did a lot of talking about our plans and things and how we should proceed with God leading us each step. Now I’m off to bed, Pete, Jim, and Dorothy have already headed out to bed and Dan and Art are talking while I’m chatting here. Nighty night all!! 🙂