The Power of Women!

Written by Tina

April 18, 2016

It’s not all about you!  One of the quotes that has changed my life since reading the book, “The Purpose Driven Life”, by Rick Warren.  In fact, Dan and I felt the book helped us each so much we personally gave it to our family members and children.  If you haven’t read it, I would recommend it!

Well, God has used this phrase many times in my life since reading the book, when someone says these 5 little words to me, it makes me think, and think hard about the selfishness and pride I can exhibit and harbor so often!

This picture is from a Women’s Conference I went to last week to talk about Days for Girls and things that are going on at GECHAAN.  It is fun to see women come together, encourage each other, and learn together.  This is not what many women experience out there in the real world though, is it?  Unfortunately many women don’t experience this in the church either!

I have been fortunate to have many women who have input so much positive into my life.  They have encouraged me, answered my questions, gently chastened me, and loved and prayed me through my teenage years, young married life, and raising boys, and then teenagers.  They have prayed me through life and are currently still praying us through this missionary journey.

In this world of crazy, all-about-me thinking,  I think we have forgotten one very powerful gift.  The gift of women lifting each other women up.  We all have our own thoughts, personalities, and passions.  Why do we feel the need to downgrade others if we disagree on one aspect of family life or child-rearing?

There is power and life in encouraging a mom who is trying to keep her head above water, and feeling like she’s drowning.  I believe that we all can benefit from strong women friends in our lives.  Women who speak truth to us and who we know we can tell anything without fear of judgement.

My point for today is this:  Are you nurturing those relationships?  Do you have younger women that you encourage and do you have older women who encourage you?  We are all in this same boat of womanhood, isn’t it better to do it together?  I think so!


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