We’re on our way!

Written by Tina

July 10, 2013

Dear Friends,

Today I am cleaning all of the Winnie the Pooh items out of my office and starting to get it ready for the person coming into my job after me.  It is a bittersweet day.  Rowena, my co-worker, mentor, and very good friend for many years and I had a little cry as we commiserated how transition is so hard.  It is!  I know that God has a wonderful plan for Edinbrook Church and the person taking over the responsiblity of the pre-school ministry there and He has a plan for GECHAAN and for Dan and I.

Tomorrow some dear teenage whirlwinds are coming to help me organize and sort my storage area so that others can find things there and help me with my office.  I am so thankful for the wonderful words of encouragement, unexpected financial support, and the assurance that WE ARE ON OUR WAY!  It does not seem like anything is moving forward, and yet each day little assurances of  “You heard right, I do have work for you to do, and it’s in Nigeria now”.

Friends, change is hard, like I have told you before, I didn’t even used to move my furniture EVER.  When it was in the place I liked it, it stayed for 17 years!  Now that we are down to a chair, a bed, and two dressers, that’s still the same!  We are rolling around our house, knowing it will not be long and something will change again.

God is leading us and we’re on our way!

My point for today is this- Enjoy each step of the journey, but know it’s not going to be easy, keep your eye on the goal!


  1. Jane

    Hi Tina, I am so encouraged by you. You are so precious and I appreciate you so much. Change is hard and we will so miss you. God has big things for you, enjoy each step of the journey. You amaze me and we are praying for you. Lord, show us your way!

    • Tina

      Thanks so much, Jane, YOU are the one who amazes me, I have learned so much and God has blessed me so much with your friendship, prayers and love. Thank you!

  2. Tina

    We can’t wait to get there, Dorothy!!!


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