Written by Tina

March 15, 2012

Well, yesterday morning was very exciting for Dorothy and I, we got to encourage a Muslim mom who had her baby on the way to the clinic.  She brought the baby wrapped in a towel.  In the afternoon we went to the clothing “store”, I picked out two patterns of beautiful cloth for dresses and two shirts for Dan, we also went to Dorothys fave food store to see what he had and drove past the “meat market”, also the vegetable and fruit stands. I also met with a Pastor who goes out and does evangelism and some children’s work, we talked about curriculum and ministry. The generators here have been and most of the time are a challenge to keep running. This is the case because they get a lot of use and there are few people that know how to fix them. A guy from Joss was supposed to be here on Monday, we still haven’t seen him, so hopefully he will show up and the generators will hold out.
Please pray that God makes things clear to us, if this is where we should be. We still haven’t felt a very firm “Yes”, yet. However, there are about 100 (I am not exaggerating) different aspects to this ministry. It is an amazing, multi-faceted place in the midst of such extreme poverty of both mind and spirit.  Extreme poverty changes people.  Lack of information amazes me!  We went to 3 schools yesterday.  We got to hand out awards for the HIV/Aids winners of the school competitions.  The schools don’t have electricity and the “Library”, had about 100 books for pre-school through Senior High Age.  Books are very rare and sometimes the teachers don’t show up to teach.  I wish I could transport every American student to any of the schools here.  They would be so grateful for the beautiful places we have to learn in in America.

I am keeping Pete and Jim out of trouble, this is a big job.  They worked some more on sophets and facia and started putting zinc on the roof today.  Dan has been following Art around and working on some assorted projects.  This morning the tailor came to measure us so that he can make our clothing for us before we leave.

Well, off to bed!  Love and miss you all!

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  1. Susan Veldhuizen

    You are an excellent writer, Tina, and I love these updates more than you could know! I feel like I am right there with you and am reminded of so many things that touched me deeply when we were there a few years ago. You and Dan have so many valuable gifts and abilities to share with this amazing ministry; I praise God for bringing you there!!! Hello to Dan, Jim, and Pete too–wish we were there with all of you great people! God bless!

    Love & Prayers,


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