Third World Problems

Written by Tina

March 31, 2015

Today I thought I would give you a glimpse of the past week.  When people ask what a typical day involves, I have a hard time even coming up with generals.  Every day is flexible!  

Last week I got to go the the church across the street, where they were holding their “womens camp”.  I got to talk with about 300 women on Wednesday about the AWANA program and the Days for Girls a bit as well.  On Thursday  I also attended and prayed for the widows of the denomination and got to speak a bit about how women of the church have spoken  into my life and taught me much about the Christian life.  I also found out that one of our staff members wives was very sick and gave birth to a stillborn baby.  Then I made a new cover for the ironing board, as there were no other options in our town.

On Friday, I took oils and slept all day as I have been sick with a cough, headache, plugged nose, etc.  Yesterday I finally got it licked with my DoTerra essential oils and today am very pleased to feel “normal” again!  Saturday, we worked around the house and explored a web-based team-building program and Dan and I each took the assessments to see how we fit into a team.  It was election day and very quiet here.  Sunday we went to church, ate lunch, I took a nap, and we watched some Hawaii 5-0.

Monday I found out that the patient that we gave a blood transfusion on Thursday passed away with complications from HIV, leaving a one month old baby and a very old grandmother to care for her.  I also discussed nutrition group training with the nurses and how we can best help these poor grandmothers and these little babies that are motherless.

This morning started off with no water in the house and no electricity from the generators that were worked on yesterday.  This is the story of weeks here.  Sometimes overwhelming, sometimes, heart-wrenching, sometimes so joyful there are no words to describe.  But in every day, in every moment we know God is here with us.  Gently nudging us in the right direction.                                                                                                                                              tree

My point for today is this:  Easter is on Sunday, we celebrate the risen Savior and why we are even here on this Earth.  In the midst of the weirdness and wackiness of everyday life this week, where will you see Him?  Where will you be Him to someone who does not even know?


  1. Kim Raycraft

    A wonderful glimpse of life there in Nigeria. The weird and wacky issues of our world are present everywhere. It is a good reminder to look for God’s work in your life and seek opportunities to show God and Christian living to everyone. Keep up the good work. We will be praying for the widows, the grandmothers and the mother who lost her baby. God Bless

  2. tina gibbs

    So true, Kim, Thank you for continuing to pray!

  3. T Haggerty

    Thank you for keeping us posted. Keep standing in the gaps! We will pray also.

  4. Naomi Hunt

    Thank you for updating us. I just shared your post with my dad. We are keeping you in our prayers!

    • Tina

      Thank you Naomi, and thanks for sharing it with your dad, we love you guys so much and are so thankful for family!


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