Saturday, March 17

Written by Tina

March 17, 2012

Well, today was a great, yet uneventful day in so many ways. I met with Sam, a Pastor who I went through curriculum and resources that would be helpful for him as he goes about and does some evangelizing in the areas in and around Gembu.
Dan, Jim, and Pete and Art worked on tearing out some toilets and sink and put in a new sink in the Life Line Center today and found the water so that they could hook it up and it would work!!
The Hungs ( a sweet missionary couple from Toronto, originally from China) came over for a lovely lunch and it was so fun to visit with them and the ministry they do here at the Seminary in Nigeria for their Conference.
Dorothy and I visited and she helped me process some things and we walked the rounds around the compound this morning to see who was here and what everyone was working on, etc.
The wonderful tailor finished our clothes already! He did a wonderful job on my dresses and Dan’s shirts. I also got the cutest split skirt made from one of the materials Dan got a shirt made out of.
We had a great supper, of course, Dorothy is the best hostess ever and all the food here is so good. They grow their own vegetables in their wonderful gardens I took some pictures of and the fruit is fresh. The meat is “free range”, the bread HOMEMADE, as well as the most heavenly sweet rolls that we had black current ones for dessert tonight, and will have caramel ones for breakfast before church tomorrow.
I think my current philosophy right now that I believe God is leading me to, although Dan and I haven’t seen each other long enough to talk about yet today is that even though I don’t feel a strong YES, which could be an emotional thing, I need to continue until God says No and closes the door if the strong YES isn’t felt yet. We are willing, yet feel highly under-qualified. But, as Dorothy told me today as well as some other friends, It’s all God, and we are His vessels. She and Art are amazed at what God has done through them here at GECHAAN, and everything He’s brought them through and shown them how He works when you’re willing to do what you can.

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  1. Lynne Petersen

    Hi Tina,
    Larry and I are thrilled with your reports of what you are experiencing in Gembu. You are so right, keep going forward utnil the Lord SLAMS the door. On this end, we see Him working and using you both and your skills already! Your expertise in children’s ministries and curriculum is invaluable for Gembu. Dorothy has given you such good counsel – If God wants you there, He will give you EVERYTHING you need to do it. We are praying every day and many times a day for you.

    Love you both,


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