Off we go!

Written by Tina

September 22, 2014

Today I would like to share with you our very exciting news!  We have our Visas in hand and leave tomorrow morning for Nigeria!

We are so excited to be FINALLY leaving!  We know that God has had a purpose for our delay, and are thankful that He knows what’s best and has it all under control!

Here is what our schedule is like for this week:

We land in Abuja Tuesday afternoon, will spend the night in Abuja, go to Jalingo to pick up paperwork for our work quota, then head up to Gembu.  We will not not have internet or contact for a week or so.  Do not be concerned if you do not have contact with us.  No news is good news here!

We will be working on transition and learning what’s going on at the ministry until October 7 when we bring Art back to Abuja to go home.  We get to be in Gembu until we  leave December 16 to return to the states because of the elections there and the turmoil that ensues.  We will return to Nigeria after things have calmed down and Art will join us to finish the transition training.

Here is what I would like to request prayer for:  Safety for all in the ministry as we travel and clarity of mind and wisdom as we have the first 2 weeks with Art, then 10 without.  That we have no trouble getting our STR visa and avoid any more delays there.  That we will hear and understand God plan for GECHAAN’s future.

My point for today is this:  God is faithful and true.  That’s all we need to know and we are excited to get to share that with you in weeks to come!

I look forward to blogging the next time from Gembu!!


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