October Morning

Written by Tina

October 15, 2014

It has been a good week.  Tomorrow we will leave at 6:00 am to go to Jalingo.  We need to get our passports stamped at the Immigration office and want to meet with FHI and get a few supplies.  We will then stop in Bali on the way home Friday to see how much food is left so that we can plan accordingly.

We are getting to know the staff a bit and can recognize most people by name.  There are a few names we have a hard time pronouncing however.  We have also started using a “How to learn Housa” program as we would like to be able to understand some Housa and have an inkling when we hear some words.

Boaz, the male guard dog is still sick.  The vet’s assistant first thought it was worms, gave him meds for that, then a urinary tract infection, gave him meds for that and he is still miserable.  In my “Other Life”, I didn’t realize that guard dogs are truly part of the security team.  People are afraid of them, as both Ruth and Boaz are big German Shepherds and if you are not supposed to be in the compound, they will definitely stop you.  Here is a picture of Boaz, he is a wonderful guard dog and is usually very perky and jumping and barking around.  He really hasn’t moved or eaten, or done anything for over a week now.

This gets me thinking about health.  Physical health is easy to see and to know.  Either you’re healthy or you’re not.  Spiritual health is another thing.  It can creep up on you.  Gradually.  Insidiously.  Dan and I can not be effective here if we are not physically as well as spiritually in tune and healthy.

How about you?  Are you just as concerned about your time with God as you are with caring for your physical body?  I have to say, for a good share of my life this has not been nearly as important than it is now.   Make a plan today to nurture your soul with you “Papa” God by talking with Him and hearing from Him from the Bible.  Have a wonderful week Friends!


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