Written by Tina

November 15, 2012

You stay the same through the ages, your love never changes!  There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.  These words rang out on Saturday night as we experienced the Newsboys “Roaring like a Lion Tour” Concert.  There were a few things I learned that night.  I’d like to share a couple with you if I may.

I learned that apparantly we are too old to go to concerts.  In the midst of music so loud our ribcages were vibrating,  my sweet husband fell asleep!  Who does that?  Who can do that!  He did, he has been so busy with work, home, support raising, that when he sat down he fell asleep!

I also learned that age is such a strange thing!  God never changes, he has been the same through the ages.  But we need to change, grow, mature.  But are we?  Can we?  How do we do that?  The only way we can grow closer to God, know His will for us, His plans for our futures is to communicate with Him.  Taking time to listen to Him.  Hear from His Word what He has for US.

I have always had a hard time with this.  In my life and thought process “I need to work, to do things”, in order to please Him.  Well, I have this wonderful friend, Sherrill, she has the gift of “just being”.  When you are with her you feel like you are the only other person in the world.  Teenagers can be setting trashcans on fire, car bombs can be going off in the parking lot, and pre-schoolers can be running amuck with sharp objects, and what is Sherrill doing?  She is actively engaged, listening, loving, praying, making that person feel that they are the only person that matters in the whole world.  Whereas, I would have to take the matches from the teenagers, call the police for the firebombs, and talk the pre-schoolers down-where is Sherrill?  She is sitting in the middle of this totally focused on the moment and the person she is engaged with!

I know God has made me very different from Sherrill, but I pray so often that He can help me be a little bit like her in the way that I don’t have to be constantly “doing”, that I can take time to quiet my mind and heart and truly HEAR from Him, and share that with His people.

So what is my point for today?  (besides the fact that I may need medication for ADD?)  We need to do sometimes, but we also need to BE!

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  1. Susan

    Amen! Taking time to BE [with God] is so hard when there are things that need to be done, staring at you! But BE-ING is probably also the secret to making sure that the things we do are the “good works that God prepared beforehand for us to do.” : )


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