Written by Tina

May 21, 2015

This picture is of our pharmacy staff in our pharmacy.  I took it this morning as I was down at the Clinic for devotions and to visit with staff.

A man and his family came up to me and one of the counselors that was working with him interpreted for him.  He wanted to talk to me.   This man had a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful children.  The counselor told me that he comes from about 7 hours away and has been for years.  He said that he and his family get better care here and he wouldn’t go anywhere else.  He, his wife, and their 9 year old son are HIV positive and the baby and the four year old are negative because of the counseling and medication that GECHAAN has supplied for them.  Friends, this is a very unusual thing here because of the stigma associated with HIV.  To say this out loud was very open and brave of him.

The man thanked me for being there and said he was so thankful for GECHAAN and what it has meant to his family and life.  This was very humbling as I told him that great leaders and people, as well as God’s goodness are what has sustained GECHAAN to this point.  I promised him that Dan and I would do our best with God’s help and a lot of praying partners to make sure that this ministry continues and grows far into the future.

Dan is in Yola (about 8 hours away) at a NACA meeting.  This is a State run Nigerian AIDS organization and Dan told me last night that GECHAAN was the only NGO that was invited to this strategic planning and direction meeting in addressing AIDS for the future. Another humbling event.

Today I want to ask for your prayers.  We have such wonderful, prayer warriors out there, I am so thankful!  But, seriously, people, this is not humanly possible to move forward here.  It has to be a God-thing!

I am praying God-sized miracles here in Nigeria.  What job does He have for you, in your sphere of influence, in your life that can ONLY be done with God-sized help?  Are you willing to take the first step to see what that is?


  1. Jane Erickson

    Hi Tina, Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop with what is happening with you and the ministry there. Thank you for sharing and being open and honest with us. You are being real and challenging us to keep praying. Love you and miss you.


  2. tina gibbs

    Thank you, Jane, So much! Love you and miss you so much!!


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